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A Surgeon for Lucinda

By James Scotland


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Autumn, 1760. The only daughter of a Glasgow Tobacco Lord, the apple of his eye, has the misfortune to fall in love with his natural enemy, an Exciseman. With the aid of her maid, Nancy, the lovers contrive to fool the tyrant. A surgeon for Lucinda, James Scotland's first play, as played by the Torch Theatre Club, won the S.C.D.A. Scottish Final in 1954, and the Glen Mackemmie Trophy, and competed that year in the British Final in London. Since then it has had almost two hundred performances, including a week at the Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow, and has been broadcast by the B.B.C. It has appeared five times in the Western Divisional Final, twice in the Eastern and once in the Highland.


A full-length musical version is also available.