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Aberdeen Angus

By Bob Adams


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Brother Calum and sister Linda have to share an estate comprising two farms. The task is complicated by a quirky will which causes anger and great hilarity in turns. The central character is a pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull called Angus. He could he the most valuable asset in the legacy, depending on his state of health. This is the cause of great anxiety and lots of underhand manoeuvring. The bull does not appear on the stage, but can be heard from time to time. Angus is looked after, "cossetted like a bairn'', by Jake an old family retainer, who has a quick wit and an acid tongue. His sole concerns are, the well being of Angus, and fair play for Linda. He regularly deflates the pompous Simon with shafts of couthy wit. He has a ready ally in Florence the housekeeper, who shares Jake's concerns, except she doesn't care much for the bull. The bullying Simon is winning, until the arrival of the no nonsense local publican with the will changes the course of a bitter disagreement, and produces moments of outrageous comedy. The dividing of the estate now fluctuates with the alleged health of the bull who "dies'' in the course of the seesawing arguments. The play finishes happily for all, including Angus, but excepting Simon. The play is written in the Buchan dialect, but can be performed in any rural dialect or accent.