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Apron Strings

By Joe Corrie


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Johnathan MacIntyre is left a widower and after thirty years finds himself possessed of a sweet freedom. He passes on this freedom to his family and the workers on his farm, and they all have a happy, lazy time. But his daughter Ann comes home from her place in Glasgow, and being her mother all over again, takes things in hand. Within a very short time she has them all under her command. The only way out for Johnathan is to get a new mistress for the farm. So, with the aid of a framed-up accident, Johnathan is a?orded an opportunity to woo Miss Turtle, a kindly, warm-hearted nurse. A hasty wooing, a wedding at Gretna, a new mistress at the farm, and the departure of Ann. But there's aye as something and . . . Fine characterisation, and plenty of good fun; this play should be as popular as Corrie's Tullycairn.