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Broadie the Broadsword

By Alan Richardson


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A minor Border Laird, Sir Archibald Brodie ?nicknamed " the Broadsword'' -- has spent his life pursuing a career of raiding, reiving and robbery, particularly from his English neighbour, Sir Henry Milburn. Now past his prime, Brodie plans one final grand raid. Anticipating a large ransom, he kidnaps Milburn's son, but trouble soon follows. As an English army gathers outside his castle walls, Brodie reluctantly agrees to a temporary truce, while his wife, Lady Kate, who is eager to end the feud by any means possible, exploits her own singular brand of diplomacy. Unfortunately, her task is complicated by the stubbornness of the two men, a romantic problem, the threats of a blackmailer, and the combined help and hindrance of the castle's nondescript servants on whom the finer points of diplomacy are wasted. With a combination of persuasion, deception, and sheer good fortune, Lady Kate secures a fragile peace, but the two old enemies have one last ace to play against each other. Set against the background of the lawless Borders at the turn of the 16th century, this broad comedy o?ers a variety of rewarding character parts.