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By Joe Corrie


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A country comedy with a touch of romance. To spite his farming neighbours, Adam Barclay, a dour character, allows Tam Marshall an old tinker, and his niece, Fiona, a born moocher, to pitch their tent on his land. This leads to a good deal of bitterness against Adam, although George Dinwiddle, the laird, is very fond of Tinker Tam. This gives Adam all the satisfaction he wants until his son, Alex, falls in love with the tinker lass. Alex, as dour as his father, is determined to marry her, even if it means leaving home. An unexpected change of fortune comes to the tinkers, yet despite the fact that Fiona can change her rags for expensive clothes, Adam is still against a union until we discover why the laird has befriended the tinkers so generously, a secret which causes Adam to relent, and so bring about a happy ending. A play with good acting parts which should please any audience.