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Cobbler's Luck

By Joe Corrie


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Gibby Gordon, the cobbler of Killiewhack, took a longing to go on a cruise and get away from shoes and complaining customers for a spell. But not being able to get, he became horribly uncivil to everybody. Miss Sorrel, a rich maiden lady of the place, to try to get Gibby back again to his old civil and loveable self, promises him ?200 if he can keep himself under control for three months and not say a single uncivil word to a single person. Gibby signs the pact, but the " carrying'' out of the agreement is not so easy and leads to amusing complications and situations. The ringing of a bell, Gibby finds, has a wonderfully soothing effect on him, and it saves him quite a few times. Gibby gets his long-wished-for cruise. Groups that have played Kye Amang the Corn, Tullycairn and Apron Strings will find this play another success.