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By Howard M. Lockhart


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This is a hilariously funny and cosily warm family comedy. When the devastating Jose Faye, a flamboyant and outspoken member of the " Cli?port Entertainers of 1925'' arrives unexpectantly at the silver wedding of Andrew Fortune and his wife, she releases an avalanche of consequences which have far-reaching effects on the entire Fortune family -- or should one say family fortune? This is a good wholesome entertainment with gales of laughter and, occasionally, just the hint of a tear. We meet the family at the silver wedding in the 'twenties, which provides glorious opportunities for laughs at the absurd costumes and manners of that time; and at the golden wedding, where modern evening dress is worn. One lounge scene throughout and no change of scenery. The play is set in Edgington which could be any small town anywhere, and there is no broad dialect. " Good character drawing and neat comedy''. -- T. M. Watson. Glasgow Evening News. " The atmosphere of family life is cleverly captured . . . with the result that the play provides an enjoyable and entertaining evening''. -- Glasgow Herald. " Mr. Lockhart has a remarkable talent for blending real wit, humour and restrained emotion . . . and the capacity audience enjoyed it immensely''. -- Glasgow Evening Citizen.