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Farewell Appearance

By John Foggo


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A modern comedy set in the ante-room of a village hall, in which Irene Dunglass, an ageing prima-donna, has been persuaded against her better judgement to appear at a benefit concert, and has cause to regret her decision. Her self-doubt leads to tantrums, which are not helped when she finds that the local amateur performers, who are completing the bill, also have a touch of artistic temperament, and do not take kindly to her regal manner. Mrs. Dove, for whose husband's benefit the concert has been arranged, is an uninhibited lady, with a penchant for singing hymns at the top of her voice, and she and Irene are soon at loggerheads. An outspoken journalist and the harassed convenor of the concert add to the fun. The show appears doomed until Lottie, Irene's dresser and personal companion over the years, takes command and saves the situation.