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Glencraig Comes Home

By Donald M. Paton & Ella S. Boswell


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The new Earl of Glencraig, having lived all his life on a ranch in Canada, considers it wiser not to come home and take his rightful position. His friend and partner disagrees, and being over on business determines to test the life at the castle. Posing as the Earl the villagers stage an embarrassing welcome, and he horrifies his supposed relations by appearing in full cowboy costume. Later the real Earl arrives. Interwoven with the plot are three love themes, one of them rich comedy between the maid and a postman addicted to photography. There are two quaint characters of an old gardener and housekeeper. The play ends with a spectacular scene. Elfreda Stewart, now betrothed to her cousin the Earl, rehearses her Court presentation just before leaving for Holyrood.