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Ne'er the Twain

By Alan Cochrane


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The hilarious prequel to Alan Cochrane's Award Winning play " Hatches, Marches and Dispatches''. Meet the two families, the McIvors from Leith and the Burns from Edinburgh. Whilst being best friends, and having between them a daughter and son who are going steady, the men strongly support rival Football Teams and the wives their own town's Co-operative Societies. Things come to a head over the proposed amalgamation of the two towns. Then it is discovered that Mr. McIvor is helping the Burns's boy to change his employ from that of a Lawyers Clerk, like his father, to working in the Leith dockyards. The star-crossed young lovers decide to elope to Gretna Green, after causing havoc whilst trying to patch up the family differences. Mix in a Newhaven Fishwife with a weakness for drink, an Assistant Minister who arrives for an impromptu singing and dancing recital, undertaken by a lay- about " Bookie's Runner'' in disguise, and you have two hours of non-stop laughter. This Play, set in the 1920's, has been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe on three separate occasions, each year playing to packed houses throughout the three weeks' run. A sure-?re winner for any club.