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Professionally Yours

By Pat Trevor


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Professionally Yours is a book of 64,000 words of facts on production directed primarily at the amateur producer . . . though its value to the budding actor cannot be ignored. The book, beautifully printed on the finest art paper, is fully illustrated and looks in great depth at production from The Producer's Job to the Opening Night. We are not side-tracked by theatrical gimmickry of set designing or lighting, of which there are many such publications on the market. It is a book for the producer written by Pat Trevor, who has accumulated a vast knowledge of theatre gained from his experience as a professional actor/producer/playwright and adjudicator . . . no punches are held, it is a hard-hitting and totally frank book ?lled with a wealth of know-how from years of devoted work in theatre, from Australia to Great Britain. Professionally Yours is now selling around the world, and is an undoubted source of inspiration for all those interested in theatre presentation. Amongst the many subjects covered in great detail are: Length of rehearsals -- timing -- violence on stage -- problems with animals and children ? a detailed section on Stage Management and Prompting -- sound e?ects -- characterisation and how to get the most out of your cast -- techniques used for the "pause'' and its e?ect -- how to learn diffcult dialogue and speeches -- curtain music -- comedy and drama production -- make-up -- moving a play both in the proscenium arch and in the "round'' -- how to stop your cast over-acting and the pitfalls of over producing -- properties (props) and their importance, and how to prepare your sound script . . . in fact, every aspect of production is at your finger-tips in Professionally Yours.