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By Alan Richardson


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September, 1715. The city of Edinburgh is in a state of alarm. Rumours of a Jacobite uprising in the Highlands are widespread. Government troops guard the outskirts. Armed civilian volunteers patrol the streets. At his surgery in the Lawnmarket, Doctor Arthur anxiously awaits a visit from his brother - a disgraced ex-army officer newly returned from France. His brother eventually arrives and rashly discloses details of a Jacobite plot to capture Edinburgh Castle. Sentries at the castle have been bribed to lower ropes over the walls, thus enabling the Jacobites to launch an unopposed surprise attack. The plan appears foolproof, but was the doctor a wise confidant? Although a Jacobite sympathiser, he is no resolute fanatic, is one of life's worriers, and, most ominously for the Jacobite conspiracy, has a strong-willed wife whose loyalties are unswervingly Hanoverian. Devised to be easily stagable, this drama of trust and betrayal blends fact with fiction and offers four strongly contrasting character parts.