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The Dancing Fusilier

By Mike Tibbetts


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Based on the private anecdotes of real people set in the context of recorded history, this play tells the story of a Scottish man who, for the brief period of the Second World War, became a soldier. It illustrates the pre-war formation of his personality and opinions and the e?ect on them wrought by the experience of war ? his own and of others close to him. Although ostensibly the fictionalised account of one man's life, this is also a reflection on a whole generation which may well have passed on within a very few years. If it has a message it is in the number of audience-members who have said, "This is our story too''. "The Dancing Fusilier'' won the 1997 Geoffrey Whitworth award for new UK playwriting. For information, doubling in this play may be as follows: Male: Old Tam/Tommy


Young Man/Jackie Ross/Aitchison

George Fyfe

Mr. Gemmel/Sergeant Major/Dockyard Foreman/Cartmel

English Soldier/Captain Thomas/Frenchman

Gregori Vasilenko

Skinhead Female: Woman in Pub/Nurse


French Girl/Stella