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The Honours of Drumlie

By James Scotland


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January, 1746. The Jacobite Army is in retreat. On its way from Derby to Culloden it passes through the thriving Lanarkshire town of Drumlie. Between 4 p.m. on the 2nd January and 10 a.m. the next day, the Provost and his friends, " gey strong for the House of Hanover'', seek to save their skins, but the women of Drumlie are equal to the challenge.


This richly human comedy was first performed at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, in November, 1955. Since then it has had more than 250 performances, including two presentations at the Edinburgh Festival, one by the Gateway Company and one at the Stirling Festival of the Arts. The B.B.C. broadcast it on radio in 1956 and on television in 1964. Well-known players who have performed in it include Paul Curran, Roddy Macmillan, John Grieve, Fulton Mackay, Madeleine Christie, Hannah Gordon, Edith McArthur, Andrew Keir, Walter Carr, James Gibson and Una Maclean.