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The Philosopher's Stone

By James Scotland


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The Philosopher's Stone, the third Sorcerer's Tale, takes place in the Abbey of Cambusdonald on a night in the autumn of 1470, when Scotland is beset by thieves and robbers, both efficient and inefficient, and the monasteries are in danger of being dissolved for degeneracy. Brothers Barnabus and Donatus, whom we met in The Sorcerer's Tale and Camusdonald Royal, are still trying to live quiet, peaceful lives in such circumstances, but they are as accident- prone as ever. Now they are threatened by two powerful men, the Master of the Royal Wardrobe, a messenger from His Majesty the King, who is intent on closing their abbey and confiscating its wealth, and the Fox of Lorne, the wildest and most cruel brigand in all Scotland, who believes that they have discovered the Philosopher's Stone which turns everything to gold. In their efforts to survive, they are much-aided by some of the same spiritual help they got in the earlier plays.