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The Piper O' Kinlowrie

By Joe Corrie


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Geordie Cleary, a work-shy tramp piper, Maggie Macfarlane, a tinker, and Flora Macfarlane, her niece, have pitched their old tent on a right-of-way on Kinlowrie Estate. Kinlowrie has just changed hands and the new owners are English; Major Mowbrey, an old, ill-tempered war horse, his wife, Margot, an artist, and their son Rodney, who is writing a play. With them is Lillian Maytree, an actress in a small way, who is in love with Rodney. When the Major first sees the tinkers he goes into a furious temper and wants to set fire to the old tent. Lillian supports him, but Margot sees the romance of these nomads on her estate, and thinks that the playing of the pipes will inspire her in her painting. Rodney, seeing the beauty of Flora, despite her rags, is certain that he will be inspired to write his play. So the tinkers are invited to take up residence at Kinlowrie House, fulfilling the wish of Flora to wear nice clothes, and sleep in a fine bed. In time Geordie and the Major become good friends, Margot goes on a " tinking'' expedition with Maggie, and Rodney decides to marry Flora. It seems that the tinkers might settle at Kinlowrie, but class distinction, on both sides, is too strong, so the tinkers go on the trek again into bonnie Galloway. Producer, players and audience will all have a happy night with The Piper o' Kinlowrie.