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The Robing of the Minister

By Agnes Adam


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The Women's Guild is arranging a social to welcome the new minister and present him with robes. The honour of presentation obviously belongs to Mrs. Mackenzie, who openly and unashamedly admits to being seventy-three years of age. Miss Young (whose age is only known to herself ) has always pretended to be much younger than Mrs. Mackenzie, but the mention of press and perhaps even television photographers ?res her ambition to do the robing and to be in the limelight, and she admits that she is two years older than Mrs. Mackenzie. However, the church committee decides that the robing is to be done, not by the oldest in years, but in membership. The honour goes to Mrs. Mackenzie, but Miss Young is solaced by being appointed to make a presentation to the minister's wife. Good character-acting parts for six women, with plenty of laughter.