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Under Suspicion

By Angus Macvicar


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" O, what a beautiful morning!'' sings Nancy, when young Davie Wilson returns from the fishing and presents her with an expensive -- if slightly old- fashioned -- engagement ring. Her anxiety about its obvious value is not shared by her widowed mother, Mrs. Galbraith, who remarks: " Davie's a good sort, but he's like all the Wilsons, full o' bounce. If he wants to make a splash, just let him. Time enough to put the hames on him when you get married!''. But when their garrulous neighbour, Katie Martin, rushes in with the news that a plain-clothes detective is making enquiries about some stolen rings, it takes all Mrs. Galbraith's strength of character to prevent suspicion souring both their lives. Adjudicator Howard Lockhart described this play as " a delightful comedy, warm and human, with some very funny lines''. Set in Mrs. Galbraith's living- room, in a small fishing town, it can be staged with a minimum of trouble and easily adapted, if required, to any local dialect. Full stage directions are given.