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By Sean Brady


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N.B. Although there are a total of sixteen characters in the play, it was written so that it could be performed by six actors. The Play is set in London on the night of 22nd August, 1305, in a room in the house of Alderman William de Leyre. It is the night before Sir William Wallace's execution. As he awaits that death he sleeps fitfully and is visited by dreams and nightmares from his past. In these encounters we meet the man rather than the hero. A man torn by doubt and insecurity as he looks back over the events of his life. We meet those whom he loved and those who loved him, his wife, his father, his comrades in arms. Those whom he reviled, and those who feared and betrayed him, Edward of England, Sir John Menteith, the doubting Scottish nobility. And in the end we meet the man who lived his life and died his terrible death, not for power, or for glory, or for any other selfish reason, but for Scotland.