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Whisky Galore

By Compton Mackenzie, Stage Version by James Scotland


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Published date:
Reprinted 2017

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October, 1941. The Hebridean islands of Great Todday and Little Todday are sunk deep in the doldrums of a spiritless wartime existence, till the s.s. Cabinet Minister runs aground nearby, and by a miracle there is uisghe beatha gu leoir. Various young couples find the path of true love smoothed and the village schoolmaster slays his personal dragon, but the commander of the local Home Guard finds his duty becoming harder every day. Compton Mackenzie's immortal tale is world-famous. He expressed his warm approval of this stage version, which was first performed at the 1966 Edinburgh Festival by the Edinburgh People's Theatre.

With thanks to Sandy Queenan for the pictures of their production and promotional poster of Whisky Galore, February 2022.