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The Sorcerer's Tale

By James Scotland


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October, 1960. When the monks of Cambusdonald Abbey in the Lothians of Scotland are told they must put on a show to impress a possible benefactor, they have recourse to an ancient book of spells, but get their incantations so badly mixed that they fill the monastery with unwilling (and only too willing) visitors.

Events are further complicated by the appearance of the formidable Inspector General of the Order.

This rollicking farce, developed from the one-acter Hallowe'en, was premiered at the Edinburgh Festival of 1968 by Edinburgh People's Theatre. Since then it has had almost a hundred performances, including one by the Paisley Old Grammarians which won the Dollar Trophy at the Scottish Full- Length Final of 1969 and also, with great acclaim, the Dundalk International Festival.

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